Making surgical skill training more effective and affordable

Innovative solution in surgical training for providing score based, objective assessment of vessel sutures.

Annually, nearly 1M patients undergo an operation using vascular suture/anastomosis globally, while in 25-60% patients face serious consequences due to anastomosis failures. Meanwhile, surgeons currently are limited in reference to the quality of vascular sutures

Surgeons, trainees & medical students

Train anywhere, anytime - even perform anastomoses from the comfort of your home. Check the results and analyses of your anastomoses online, or in our app with your phone.

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Universities & healthcare providers

Solutions for the difficulties caused by staff members attending training and courses. Continued medical education methods can be innovated to be more pragmatic for staff management.

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Companies, distributors & course providers

Gain access to a larger customer base and more frequently. Prestigious training courses are often only available to a small fraction of the market due to the limited time and budget of customers.

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