Next level of
surgical simulation

Platform solution for next level surgical training

Surgical performance tracking and scoring

With AI-support, you receive functional and morphological evaluation of the simulated blood flow in your anastomoses using fluid dynamics and geometric analysis concluding reproducible scores and detailed insight

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Personalized surgical anatomical situations

A true case-specific simulation for surgical practice on 3D-printed models Prepared for your individual need where you can gain broad experiences even in rare scenarios

How does it work

Personalized training with digital twins

Polish your manual skills anywhere and anytime while focusing on your technique and having the benefit of a personalized and flexible learning experience including AR solutions

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New era of surgical simulators

Predicting simulated surgical outcomes

Objective evaluation and scoring

Morphological assessment is performed on a computer generated, high resolution, virtual 3D model to evaluate the lumen of the anastomosis. A machine learning algorithm the quality of each anastomosis, based on previous measurements of over 2500 procedures.

Replicating real cases

Surgical experience based on numerous real cases

High-precision scanning and 3D modeling of surgical environments the surgical metaverse with haptic feedback. With our portfolio of special surgical anatomies we provide challenges to be turned into surgical expertise.

Complex training solution with AR surgery

Fusion of haptic and visual case-specific information with AR

Synthesizing 3D printed simulators and AR content to enhance the learning experience. Augmented reality content is available on mobile and AR devices for inspiring you in your training progress to maximize your learning curve.

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