Premier solution for surgical skill training

Training kit for continuous and comfortable practicing

All in one Kit:

  • Simulator & Instruments (Click to learn more)


    Youranastomosis provides wide variety of case specific surgical models. It includes more regions and specialties. Also, different challenge/difficulty levels can be ordered for having a gradual training in a given specialty. As a part of the simulator model, there are 6 vessels in the box for repetitive practicing. You can use them as an inserts/cartridge of model. After performing the suture or anastomosis you can remove them easily and continue practicing on other one. Go to the Shop


    Beside the simulator you will get all of the necessities to practice like suture material, disposables, hand instruments (scissor, forceps, needle holder, clamp)

  • E-learning & Webinar (Click to learn more)


    You get access to E-learning platform. Here you can be informed more about:

    • Concept of Youranastomosis training system
    • Morphological analysis of vessels
    • Functional analysis of vessels
    • Clinical relevance of analysis results
    • Surgical technical questions
    • Practical courses
    • Possibilities of case-specific simulators


    Enjoy the webinar. It is a 60 minutes long session. Agenda:

    • Theoretical part – Clarifying the technical and scientific background of the webinar (15min.)
    • Practical part – Interactive practicing on the artificial vessel, anastomosis skill training. Hands-on skill training on different anastomosis types (45 min.)
  • Analysis & Feedback (Click to learn more)


    Check the results of evaluation and read the suggestions, modify the technique of the next procedure accordingly. It is evidenced that through this method a more effective hands on training can take place.

    You can iteratively let your results be evaluated and make the next anastomosis according to those results. Repeat these steps for getting effective training.


    At the end of the process, you will get analyses about your vessel sutures. The assessment is predictive with supposed clinical behavior of the vessel structure and with your own scores.

    You can ask for help any time, pose question via email, and also personal consultation is provided.

  • Surgeons, trainees & medical students

    Train anywhere, anytime - even perform anastomoses from the comfort of your home. Check the results and analyses of your anastomoses online, or in our app with your phone.

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    Universities & healthcare providers

    Solutions for the difficulties caused by staff members attending training and courses. Continued medical education methods can be innovated to be more pragmatic for staff management.

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    Companies, distributors & course providers

    Gain access to a larger customer base and more frequently. Prestigious training courses are often only available to a small fraction of the market due to the limited time and budget of customers.

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