Flexible & Effective Techniques to Further Master Your Anastomosis Skills & Quantify Prognostic Long-Term Anastomosis Behaviour

Innovative solution in surgical training for providing score-based, objective assessment of vessel sutures.
3D printed versions of your specified surgical situation, artificial vessels and software applications.
Train anywhere, anytime, and check the results and analyses of your anastomoses online.

Case-specific simulators of actual surgical cases

3D print surgical scenarios offer enhanced appearance of a particular, specified surgical case. Select from numerous replications of highly realistic operative situations.

Detailed, objective analysis of vascular sutures & blood flow

Morphological and functional high definition 3D models of vascular structures. Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis methods, providing surgeons invaluable feedback as a professional, assessment-based tool.

Augmented reality applications for enhanced simulations

Visualizations displayed as augmented reality (AR) on mobiles or AR glass devices - for every customized model. Case-specific topography, texture, with results and recommendations from previous anastomoses.

"Continuous improvement of your clinical results with convenient and entertaining hands-on training"

Morphological and functional feedback about performed anastomoses

3D printed surgical scenarios offer enhanced appearance of a particular, specific surgical case. User can select from numerous replications of operative situations

Tutorials and training videos are provided to the products Increasing body of data gained from analysis for more effective training.